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MiaFest children’s nature festival is a magical day of imagination, fun and creative play. It is the celebration of the birthday of Mia, red-headed girl of 13 months, who loved nature and the outdoors.


MiaFest is a festival where children engage with nature through creative play and imagination. 

We strive to ensure that there is rich set of experiences for children to explore... craft, animals, nature activities, fantasy, music and food, as well as storytelling and quieter activities.


MiaFest is always a labour of love.  

We love how the Mia’s Wood family is growing, and how you all embrace our vision of bringing the wonder of nature to children.

Areas to explore




Creative Instincts

Clay Play & Lantern-Making

Fine Food

Flights of Fancy


Rhythm & Harmony @ the Great Tipi 

The Circle

The Great Outdoors


To get a real flavour of the event, take a look at the pictures from previous MiaFests below


Want to know more? find answers to all your questions about MiaFest in our FAQ section

About MiaFest
MiaFest 2014 Photo Gallery.

Please look though the photos of Miafest 2014 or Click Here to view in Flickr

MiaFest 2015 Photo Gallery.

Please look though the photos of Miafest 2015 or Click Here to view in Flickr

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