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MiaFest FAQ


Where does MiaFest take place?

Mia’s Wood is a small 2-acre field located in Little Horwood, Bucks with around 300 young trees of 15 different species which were planted in 2013.  It is surrounded by fences as well as hedges and mature trees. Detailed directions are sent by email.


When is MiaFest?

MiaFest is usually held on the third Saturday of September.  There will not be a MiaFest in 2018.


How can I come along?

MiaFest is free of charge.  Entry is by ticket only, in exchange for 2 hours of volunteering per group before, during or after MiaFest. We strongly believe that a huge part of the MiaFest magic is a celebration of community and participation, and making new friends.


Can we park near MiaFest?

Cars will not be permitted on site, but parking will be very close by and within easy walking distance for children (opposite Mia's Wood) on Little Horwood Road in Little Horwood.


What should we wear?

We encourage people to dress up in woodland creature costumes, as it definitely adds to the atmosphere - think of squirrels, deer, foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, frogs, owls, butterflies, ladybirds, bees, etc.  Bring some protective gear (or a change of clothes) if you want to try painting and other messy play activities. Many of the activities are outdoors, so bring waterproofs if it is rainy.


Where can we get lunch?

You are welcome to bring your own food, although we will have local gourmet street food vans selling food and drink, with a variety of vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten free options available.​


What do we need to know about safety?

Only pre-registered people will be allowed on Mia's Wood site, and we ask everyone to wear their MiaFest wristbands all the time.  We will have trained first aiders available, and we are endeavouring to make Mia's Wood as nettle-and-prickle-free as possible, but can't guarantee that children won't fall over and find an inadvertent prickle.  We don't allow glass, smoking, fires or dogs at MiaFest for safety reasons.


Is MiaFest suitable for babies and toddlers?

Absolutely!! MiaFest is for children of all sizes - even the very smallest.  Do bear in mind that, given the terrain, standard pushchairs might be a little challenged, and slings and off-road versions would be more comfortable if you have them.  We will have an accessible portaloo toilet with a baby change table. There will also be a chill-out tent for babies and others who may need a break from the excitement and activity around them


Will even little ones be able to join in all the activities?

All children are welcome to participate in all activities although we expect littlest ones to have a bigger person around to help.


Is MiaFest accessible for me and those in my group?

We have Accessibility Support volunteers available during the day to ensure that differently abled MiaFesters can have a fantastic day.  There is an accessible toilet, and a chill-out tent for those who may need the occasional quiet moment.  If the general parking area is too far for wheelchairs, please let us know and we can arrange for a drop-off at the Mia’s Wood entrance.


What do we need to bring?

The only essential item to bring to MiaFest is a big sunny smile - and cash if you intend to buy food.  However, if you want to be a little better prepared, see the MiaFest checklist here, with additional details for those of you who are camping.

What is your policy on safeguarding?

Please note that YOU are responsible at all times for where your charges might (and might not) be!  We make sure that everyone at MiaFest is registered and must wear a wristband at all times.

What happens if my child gets lost at MiaFest?

Mia's Wood is a very small woodland site.  They won't have gone far - but do reclaim them from the Welcome Tent…


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